The Herbal Path

A life-changing, holistic introduction to herbs, whole foods nutrition and energy medicine. Classes will meet one weekend day per month during all seasons with a holiday and summer hiatus. If you’ve always wanted to learn more about the tradition of herbalism for greater health this is the course for you.


Cornwall's Coltsfoot Valley Weed Walk

Cornwall’s Coltsfoot Valley Weed Walk

A different system of the body will be covered each month along with corresponding herbs, essential oils and flower essences. An integral part of the program will be learning from the plants themselves in the gardens, fields and forest. Plant identification, the use of traditional foods, nourishing tea blends, foraging and basic herbal medicine-making  to support a healthy lifestyle. Participants will bring home their own salves, tinctures, creams, syrups, flower essences, vinegars and anything else we are called to prepare during our time together. Book recommendations and a course syllabus will be given at the first class. Monthly handouts and recipes will accompany each lesson. Class size is limited so register early!

Lactofermenting Day!

Lactofermenting Day!

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