North Star Botanicals was founded by Alicia North in 1997. Her motto is “A nature-based lifestyle is paramount to sustainable health for people and the planet!” An herbal artisan who has been formulating and creating healthy lifestyle products for a quarter century, Alicia utilizes mainly abundant or “opportunistic” (aka invasive) local plants and sources local organic ingredients for all of her creations. She offers education and healthy lifestyle support with a natural and organic approach to help find solutions to your chronic health concerns. Energy work, organic & local food systems, traditional nutrition and herbs are the heart of her approach.

Alicia is also an Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner. Known as EFT or tapping, this energy approach is similar to acupressure which helps the body release chronic pain, emotional problems, disorders, addictions, phobias & post traumatic stress disorder which can impede healing goals.

Van gogh's Starry Starry Night

Van gogh’s Starry Starry Night

Alicia also blends her love of Astrology and it’s basic premise that planetary movements influence moments in time in her work with clients. The position of all other stars in the sky can be determined by the North Star, which contributed to the idea of the stars as horses and the North Star the stake to which they are tethered. It is by means of this star that nomads, navigators and the first aviators found their bearings.
“Each person’s natal chart represents a blueprint of the energies and tendencies  intrinsic to the incarnating soul.” As above, so below!

Returning to the ancient wisdom of nature and being grateful for her gifts is an essential part of health. Everything is connected! Most of our needs be they nourishment, personal care, cleaning, first aid, gardening, emotional and spiritual  can be simply and healthfully supported without burdening ourselves and our planet with toxic chemicals.

Cornwall's Coltsfoot Valley Weed Walk

Cornwall’s Coltsfoot Valley Weed Walk

Alicia offers plant walks throughout Litchfield County and surrounding areas in CT. Available as a private speaker or lecturer, apprenticeships as well as hands-on classes are designed to help folks reintegrate the lost art of herbalism.

Having trained with many world-renowned herbalist & healers spanning two decades, Alicia holds certifications in Community Herbalism, Nutrition, Iridology and EFT.

The Weston A. Price chapter leader for Litchfield County , contact Alicia for advice and education on local resources.

An active member of United Plant Savers,  Alicia is an advocate for the preservation of our local native plants and a proponent for the responsible utilization of the opportunistic weeds that compete with them.
A member of Connecticut Herb Association and past Vice President of the Northeast Herbal Association, Alicia  was managing editor of the Northeast Herbal Association’s highly respected tri-annual journal for 7 years.